A Message from the Potentate

Francis J. Mason
Illustrious Potentate


2017 Potentate's Message

Going Around the First Turn!

   Well it looks like the weather has finally changed for the better. Spring is here and with it came our Aleppo Circus that was very entertaining and well attended. Roger Metcalfe, our Circus Chairman, and his right hand man, Bruce Dickey, set the tone for the week of performances; it was one of cooperation and enjoyment. Thank you to Hanneford Circus for bringing such amazing and entertaining acts.
   It's amazing what can be accomplished when everyone works together and has fun doing it. The Chief Aide, Cliff Critch, and Assistant Chief Aide, Earl Bethune, made sure that everyone attending the Friday and Saturday after parties in the Potentate’s Suite were well fed and properly hydrated! Thanks go out to all our members, families, and friends that made this all possible. I hope you all enjoyed your experience as much as I enjoyed your company.
   Next up on June 10th is the June Ceremonial, also known as the Strawberry Festival. We will have a Special Guest Speaker that I know you'll want to hear. Please remember to reserve your ticket for the steak dinner in advance so we have a proper count and don't disappoint anyone. Don’t forget to bring candidates to the Ceremonial!
   The following Saturday, June 17th, is our 39th annual High School All-Star Football Classic held at Bentley University in Waltham. It would be nice to see the bleachers filled with Shriners wearing their Fezzes. Make plans to be with us.
   July 8th begins the Imperial Session to be held in Daytona Beach. It promises to be lots of fun. The Cycle Unit will be defending their first place finish from last year. Good luck to you all. We'll be on the sidelines cheering you on! We have an ad on page five of this paper for any member of Aleppo to join us at the 2017 Imperial Session.

We can achieve our goals if we all row in the same direction.

    Es Selamu Aleikum
    Illustrious Francis J. Mason
    Potentate, Aleppo Temple – 2017

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