Arab Patrol

Organized 1885

The Arab Patrol, a marching unit is the oldest unit in Aleppo, being instituted in 1885. This unit consists of two platoons and a staff with about 35 members. We meet once a month to practice the drills. The Arab Patrol also hosts the Color Guard for all Aleppo functions. We compete in the Northeast Shrine association Convention as well as participating in parades about 10 to 12 times per year.

The regular meeting night is the 1st or 2nd Thursday of each month. Uniforms are provided by our Quartermaster. A refundable deposit of $50.00 is required and care and cleaning is the responsibility of the member.

For membership application or information, contact Executive Officer James I. Starratt  (781) 593-2698.

Major-Commander:  James G. Perkins, Jr. H (978) 468-1696
Executive Officer:   James I. Starratt H (781) 593-2698



1st Lieutenant: Kenneth E. Soderholm Master Sergeant:  Salvatore S. Privitera
Sergeant Major:  John Gutermuth, Jr. Sergeant:  German Garcia, Jr.
Major Emeritus: Robert M. Carlton Corporal: Alfred J. LaLonde
Lieutenant Emeritus: Kenneth B. O'Bear, Jr. Past Color Sergeant: William W. Colmer
Lieutenant/Quartermaster Emeritus: Winfred L. Waite   .



1st Lieutenant: David L. Anderson     
1st Lieutenant: Earle G. Voigt     
2nd Lieutenant: Frederick L. Tibbetts     
Sergeant: Edgar W. Wallace     
Corporal:  Herbert S. Fish    
Corporal:  Leonard R. Flumefelt    
Corporal:  Edward E. Levy    
Corporal:  Howard C. Remon     
Corporal:  David I. Westerman    
Past Major:  Robert N. Cann, Jr.    
  Anthony A. Anello, Jr. .  
  Gelean M. Campbell    
  Wilbour S. Cobb    
  Scott P. Hume    
  Ian T. Marshall    
  Gerome L. Matteo   .
  Philip G. Post   .
  Alvin P. Whipple    .
  Raymond Whipple, Jr.   ..
  Arthur H. Woodland   ..
  Larry A. Zimmerman   ..

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETINGS:   Every 1st or 2nd Thursday, Auditorium, 6:00 pm

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