Chanters Unit

Organized 1951

The Chanters are dedicated to the service of Shrinedom through song. Instituted in 1951, the Chanters supply vocal music at Aleppo Ceremonials and other Shriners functions, presenting a showcase of color, harmony and musical entertainment. We are especially appreciated at the annual Black Camel Memorial Service for Aleppo's departed members.

Aleppo's Chanters also sing at Masonic Third Degrees and Blue Lodge Installations. With our new trailer, equipped with an organ, microphones and loudspeakers, we have become a Parade Unit of Aleppo, entertaining parade viewers with a wide repertoire of choral music.

Our unit works to provide funds for the Shriners Hospitals and the Aleppo Shriners Children's Transportation Fund. The universal appeal of male choral singing provides for good relations with the general public as well as with our fellow Shriners.

We are made up of many voices, some trained, some just enthusiastic, but the camaraderie we experience transcends the tonal inequities of our voices. We meet in our unit room on the second floor on the third Monday at 7:30 pm, and the fourth Monday at 7:30 for rehearsals. There is no initiation fee but the annual dues is $25.00. Previous choral experience is helpful but not mandatory.

To apply for membership, contact any of the officers listed below.

Chanters Unit

Assistant Director:  Joseph A. Camara

H (978) 937-3660

Assistant Director:  Joel R. Davidson

H (617) 773-9092

Manager:  Elliot O. Farnsworth

H (978) 957-4872


Every 3rd Monday, Unit Room, 7:30 pm

Every 4th Monday, Unit Room, 7:30 pm

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