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Motorcycle Parade Unit and Precision Drill Team

Organized 1983

The Aleppo Cycle Unit is composed of ten matched motorcycles, which represent Aleppo Shriners in parades, ceremonials, and other functions as directed by the Potentate. Within this proud elite motorcycle unit we have a Precision Drill Team and Parade Unit.  The Precision Drill Team is composed of capable and well-qualified riders who skillfully perform synchronized precision maneuvers in competition with other Motorcycle teams across the country.  Our award winning Competition Team has been consistently judged and given high marks at Imperial Shrine Sessions, Northeast Shrine Days and other events. Members of this unit are also proud active members of the International and Northeast Association of Shrine Motor Corps. Membership is open to all Aleppo Shriners whether you are a seasoned rider, non - rider or just want to learn or sharpen your motorcycle skills. Come meet and ride with the proudest motorcycle team in all of Shrinedom?

Ready to Ride. . . to Make a Difference?

The Aleppo Shrine Motorcycle Parade Unit and Precision Drill Team is the elite motorcycle unit in our area. We are invited to ride and entertain the crowds in the finest parades throughout Massachusetts. When a parade wants excitement, they call on the Aleppo Cycles. Always a crowd pleaser, the thrilling tight formations of our identically matched "full-dressed motorcycles" is even more fun to do than it is to watch.

The pride not only shows in our precision riding skills but also in the impeccable, showroom condition of our ten (10) identical Harley-Davidson Customs motorcycles.

Our Drill Sergeant makes sure we get it right during our weekly Tuesday night practices, held rain or shine, throughout the year. We ride indoors in inclement weather, in the massive, ventilated, rodeo- and circus-size Shrine Auditorium.

Our Maintenance Officers make sure our bikes not only look sharp, but are maintained in tip-top working order. And, of course, our Captain makes sure we look- and conduct ourselves- as sharp as everyone expects from an elite Unit of the Aleppo Shrine.

The Nobles of the Cycles Unit not only take pride in what we do, but why we do it: we never forget the children in the Shriners ‘Burns and Orthopedic Hospitals. Our riding in parades is fun for us and for the crowds who gather to watch us, but it also raises funds to help the hospitals and the kids. And that is what makes worthwhile all the time and work invested. Shriners are famous for knowing how to have a good time. The Aleppo Cycle Unit members do our best to maintain that reputation. We have a good time whenever we get together; whether it's with noble Unit members for weekly practice or our monthly business meeting, or at the many social events with our "significant others."

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Cycles Unit
 Captain:    Dave Iannelli  978-500-1189

 Lieutenant:  Peter Simmons  978-423-8077
 Lieutenant:  Al Valente  339-227-7082

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