Director's Staff
Organized 1886

It doesn't matter how many times we've done it, the Nobility loves us. Instituted in 1886, this Unit organizes the stunts and good-natured fun which highlight the initiation of candidates. 

This unit is the one that organized the many stunts which highlights the initiation of candidates. The unit meets weekly for planning programs and social times. Unit members include an artist, engineers, cabinet makers, carpenters and lab technicians; all of whom contribute their “know how” to provide ceremonial entertainment


Director's Staff
Director: Johnnie S. Dalrymple  
Captain: Laurence L. Darling  
Captain: Richard F. Gorman, II  
Lieutenant: Robert A. Holt  

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETINGS: Every Sunday, Unit Room, 8:00 am
Every Tuesday, Unit Room, 7:00 pm


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